Thursday, June 08, 2006

3, 2, 1,


That's right, we have a contract on our house. As noted previously, someone came by, saw the house, came by again, and made an offer. It was a good and fair offer, which our Realtor (TM) pointed out was a bit of a rarity. There was one stipulation (a $5000 carpet allowance) that was simply not feasible, so we countered with a polite "no, thank you," on the carpet and an enthusiastic "YES!" on everything else, and the counter offer was accepted.

Signed, sealed, delivered, etc.

There's still a lot of work to do (including convincing someone to lend us ridiculously large amounts of money), but it's all things that can be done, instead of 10 months of Clean & Wait (TM).

Thank you for all of your prayers (for those of you who prayed). Party at our new house, sometime in late July.


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