Saturday, June 03, 2006

. . . and Outcome

So, how did it all go? It went very well, but not at all as expected.

Dinner was very good. We ate at Taquiera Del Sol in Decatur, which is a great little restaurant. I had a brisket enchilada that was an interesting pairing (the brisket was like butter, but was overpowered by the chili sauce; once I stopped letting that bother me, it was very good). We waited in line for 20 minutes (which is apparently par for the course on a Friday night), but it was raining outside so the line snaked around inside like a ride line at Six Flags (although nobody with a mullet was making out in the next row over, so it wasn't exactly like Six Flags). As good as the food was (and it was good), it couldn't compare to the floor show. A line of thunderstorms moved through, more slowly than usual, so the entire time we were eating, in a dining room that was really more of a breezeway, the rain took turns falling hard and very hard, and lightning and thunder alternated closely on either side of us. I also had rice.

The movie was good. We saw X-Men 3, or whatever it's called. It was good, lots of fun. But I had a giganormous Coke (for 50 cents more, you get another Liter, for crying out loud; what a deal!) and drank it during the first half of the movie (okay, during the trailers) so that I spent the last half of the movie in rather serious pain. Stories of Tycho Brahe swirled through my mind, ruining the climax, and I missed the after-credits "surprise." Thank heavens for the Internet, so now I can look it up.

Another thing that bothered me was that Wolverine spent so much time bothered with Jean Gray when the whole time Halle Berry is standing next to him! It's just . . . I can't . . . aw, forget it. At some point, you know it's just fiction.

I watched another episode of Lost tonight, and it continues to amaze (Confidence Man, by the way). I grew up on TV, and one of the reasons I don't watch much anymore is that I can see a lot of stuff coming miles and miles away. And with a show like Lost, you know a twist is coming, but you never know just what it is. Thankfully, good TV is now being written by folks who also grew up watching TV, and who can see stuff coming a mile away, and can avoid showing their hand so easily.

As for the house, we had given up trying to sell it. I've been looking up garage plans on the Internet, and have found a couple I really like that will let me put an office in the attic space. It's not our number one choice, but it's getting to the point where I can't stay in the house any more. It's not fair to my family. And if the house won't sell . . . well, there isn't anything else to be done.

But today, not two but three people came to see the house (one more is scheduled for tomorrow). At one point, according to our realtor, all three groups were in the house at the same time. Two of those folks have seen the house before, and were back for their second view.

And now one of them has made an offer. It's a good offer, and we'll probably take it, unless one of the other folks comes forward with something better.

So, all in all, not a bad 24 hours.