Monday, May 22, 2006

. . . As A Bee

Not that I expect anyone to read this (except you, Mom; glad to have you), but I feel that I must apologize for the non-existent posting. Sure, lots of things have happened, two camping trips, several trips to Macon, a minor car wreck, a fun and kid-free birthday party, etc.

But all the fun, story-spawning things that have happened over the past few weeks mean less time for me to be here, at my desk, typing away. In order to write, I need to be bored and highly caffeinated. And while I have been packing away the Cokes, I haven't had time to sleep properly in about a month, much less to tell you at length about the time Stephen explained to me that if the driver I had just yelled at had been in the car with us, he would have been sad at the name I had called him.

Any hope for future stories? Not likely. I've got to buy another van for my wife, my boss is out of the country and for some crazy reason he left me in charge, plus other issues.

So I probably won't tell you about how Timothy and Stephen got into a biting, kicking, rolling around roughhouse match in the middle of a 3-year-old's birthday party. Or how an earlier fight that day had involved our first ever spitting-on-a-person incident.

Or about how my wife and I were enobled with the title "The Baby Whisperers."

Or about Timothy's first round of putt-putt golf (he did really well).

Maybe someday, but not right now. Sorry.


At 12:30 AM, Anonymous kilsan said...

it's like the cliff hanger season finale. I didn't know it was sweeps month for blogs! And, just fyi...
Cokes are BAD for you.


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