Monday, April 10, 2006


You may have noticed that the photo in the previous post is a little blurry. This is just one of several interrelated discoveries surrounding my camera. Here they are.

Discovery #1: I can post pictures on the blog.
Like this one:

This is Stephen riding his bike this past fall; it was his first day without training wheels. He had decided that he didn't need them any more, so he asked us to take them off. It's one of my favorites, an inadvertently good picture. My photography skills are not really this good.

Anyway, I had known earlier that you could post pictures to a blog using an outside image hosting service; I even used one when making the Welcome Lilla! site. I think I used Hello, which was a bit of a pain, lots of steps, etc., and wasn't really for everyday use. But this is easy, and already in the Blogger interface, so it will get used.

Note to future product developers: things that are easy to use will get used. Free is good, too.

Discovery #2: Jonah found my camera.
Here are some samples from the twenty or so pictures that he took.

This is the doorknob on the door going from the kitchen into the garage.

This is inside the garage.

This is an inflatable hockey stick from the previous night's Thrashers game. I had lots of fun at the game with other guys from our Sunday School class (no kids, sorry), and a pair of these sticks were the handout-thingy that we all received. The sticks lasted almost a week, which is very impressive for inflatable items in our house. There are about 6 pictures and 1 movie of these in the Jonah collection.

This is . . . I have no idea.

Now, lest you get the impression that Jonah received his photography skills from me, rather than from his mother, let me explain that these are the only pictures I was willing to publish on this site. There are lots of excellent, clear pictures of other members of 4boyhouse on the "roll".

In fact, some pictures were so well done that I first thought Timothy or Stephen had taken the camera. But several of the pictures were of Timothy, and one of the movies has Jonah's Vader-like snorkling as background noise (he had a cold).

Discovery #3: Someone licked the camera lens.
Probably Sam. The last smudge-free picture is one of Sam's face, and he looks very, very happy as he is walking towards the camera. Based on extensive parental experience, I can say this is a lick-smudge, not a finger-smudge.


Discovery #4: My camera takes movies.
But I can't get them to post properly, sorry.

Jonah made two little movies. The first is 15 seconds long, starting with a lingering shot of the hockey stick, then proceeding with Jonah walking down the hall, breathing in his heavy, cold-induced, almost-snore way. We'll be submitting it to Cannes this year.

The other is a 5-second movie is of Sam and my wife multi-tasking. She's sitting in the computer chair, reading something (probably National Review Online). He's sitting in her lap, watching the TV.

Sadly, I have not been able to figure out how to make the camera take movies again, and Jonah denies having any involvement with the camera. So he won't show me how to do it.


At 4:38 AM, Blogger darrzilla said...

That's a really good picture of a blurry door knob. I've been trying to find a good picture of a blurry door knob everywhere; unfortunately all I can find are the not-so-artistic-non-blurry door knobs. Thanks bud.


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