Wednesday, March 29, 2006

All Is Not Quiet

As mentioned before, somewhere on this blog (tltl*), I have not slept through the night since Timothy was born. In all truthfulness, I've always woken up once or twice during the night. Timothy does the same thing now, poor kid. It appears that he is going to be very much like me.

Regardless, over the past 8 years of lying awake listening to the late-night sounds of the house (with the occasional foray out from under the covers to check covers, temperatures, night-nights, etc.) I have found that all is not quiet while we sleep.

To wit:

Timothy grinds his teeth. I can hear it from my room. And he apparently wakes up once or twice, checks the clock, and then goes back to sleep. If the clock is turned or covered, I have to make sure it is visible from his bed; if the power goes out, his clock has to be reset before he will go to sleep. He needs to know. Nonetheless, I fully expect to find him, within the next year, reading in his bed at around 3 AM. Within the next 5 years, I'll probably find him downstairs watching TV.

Stephen vocalizes. He cries, whimpers, laughs, and talks. He also moves a lot. Sleeping in a bed with Stephen is a physical event, and well-placed pillows are needed.

Jonah sleeps like a log. Being Jonah is exhausting. But if he wakes up in the middle of the night, and if the thing he went to bed with is missing (night-night, Raccoony, Dragadote, et al.), then he will pitch a fit. Full voice, full-Jonah.

Sam . . . well, Sam picks his nose in his sleep. We've had evidence of this for some time, but we figured this was a waking activity. Until just now, when I went out to talk to my wife on the front porch. She was reading and Sam was asleep in her arms. Then he sat up, eyes closed, and dug in. Somehow satisfied, he lay back down and resumed snoring. Oh, yeah. Sam snores. But it's a 2-year-old snore, so it's very cute.

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