Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sam's Books

My mom sent in this story this morning:

Sam recently came to spend the night with us and, I'm sure to comfort him, his Mom sent along some special books. We had such a good time working puzzles after his bath and before his bedtime that we never got around to reading any of the 3 special books in his suitcase.

Sam ended up staying with us two nights and when I went to put his clean clothes back in his suitcase and take out his pajamas for night number 2, I commented to Anson that Kristie had sent Sam some books and maybe he would like to read one to Sam after dinner.

Anson picked up the 3 little books and as he was saying the names of the books, invited a glare from Sam. Sam walked very purposely over to the suitcase, turned his little frame up to Anson and said, "Put that back! That's mine!" Now you have to hear him say it properly, "Puuuuut dat baaaaack! Dat's miiiiiine!" Startled, Anson put the little books back into the suitcase and at that point, Sam slammed the suitcase lid shut and walked off - very satisfied that he had protected his property.



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