Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Just reward

An almost-actual* conversation.

[4boydad opens door, carrying groceries.]

4boymom: You didn't call. You were supposed to call as you left the store so that I could put the pasta on to boil.

4boydad: Sorry, I was busy with opening . . . uh . . . things. [Tries to quickly and unobtrusively throw M&M Mini's pack onto counter. Fails.]

4bmom: Why did you get them candy right before dinner?

4bdad: Jonah was very quiet when I got a phone call in the car on the way there. I told him he could pick out some candy and this is what he chose.

4bmom: What about Sam? Was he quiet?

4bdad: He slept, so yes.

4bmom: Did he get candy?

4bdad: You've met Sam, right? Do you think I could get Jonah M&M's without Sam getting the same thing?

[4bmom uses Mom Stare (TM).]

4bdad: Yes, Sam got candy, but I only gave him half.

4bmom: What about the other half?

[4bdad attempts to use Passive Doe Eyes (TM). 4bmom is immune.]

4bdad: I took one for the team. Actually, I took about 30 for the team, but they're small. And semi-sweet, did you know that?

*this is how I remember it, which usually means that I've inserted whatever parts make me look good.


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