Friday, October 07, 2005

Look ma! News!

In a rare acknowledgement that there is a larger world outside the walls of my house (and knowing I'll regret this in the morning . . .), we at 4 Boy Dad would like to bring attention to the following news stories:

1. Eisner Drops off Disney's Board of Directors (link most likely not permanent) - w00t! Gone. Out as CEO, off the board. Ding-dong, the . . . well, you know the rest. Seriously, I have been waiting for this day. Disney has been as profligate with its legacy as a Bangkok family with its daughters. Do we really need a Cinderella 3? Did you know there was a Cinderella 2?

2. IAEA, ElBaradei Win Nobel Peace Prize (ditto) - providing further evidence that the Nobel Prize committe is made up of expat university faculty. I was of the opinion that the Peace Prize was for making war less likely. Apparently not.

Okay. I'm done. More booger-eating next post, I promise.

Now this is what I'm talking about:


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At 8:17 AM, Blogger 4BoyDad said...

Wow! Thanks for that deep and thoughtful comment. I'm glad you like the blog, and I don't doubt your sincerity one bit.

And double-wow! I do like vacation rentals! We were planning on taking a vacation soon, but we just didn't know how to go about it.

I'll be sure to work a glance at your groovy site into my busy schedule.


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