Thursday, September 29, 2005

Happy Blog-iversary!

One year. Who'd a-thunk it?

My children are now all one year older. Two in school, two at home still. Readers now outnumber non-readers in our family, 4 to 2. Timothy reads books on his own; Stephen calls out road signs and words on cards (this is distracting during Uno games).

I now have a much better picture of my own potential and limitations, that I can write some things I appreciate, some things my wife appreciates, and some things that are within a small union of the two.

I know that I cannot, should not, and will not write about serious topics, such as politics or religion. I know that I can't write something every day (at least not something good). I know that I am not a writer. Someone once defined a writer as a person for whom the only thing harder than writing is not writing. That is not me. Not writing is very, very easy for me, and I lose no sleep over it.

But I'm still here, and probably will continue to be here for some time to come.

Two questions:
1. Where did the title of the first post come from (were you aware that it was a quote)?
Red Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson. They were the first words on Mars, an ironic anti-"one small step . . ." I need to re-read that book soon.

2. What's the drink situation?
Well, this morning I didn't make anything. Sam is with my Mom, and I'll assume she gave him chocolate milk, which is his favorite. That is, if she didn't give him Coke. This is the south, after all.

When I came downstairs this morning, there was an "old" Moe's cup, including lid and straw, with chocolate milk for Jonah and a "new" Moe's cup of apple juice for Stephen. Timothy had already made and consumed apple juice on his own, I assume.

I had (am having, actually) a Coke. Thanks for stopping by.


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