Saturday, July 23, 2005


Sam is talking nonstop now. We went to Publix the other night and he spent the entire trip talking, pointing, asking questions. By the time we got to the checkout line, we got knowing smiles from all the checkout folks.

Anyway, here's an updated glossary of what he says and what he means.
  • Ay-un: Aaron, his cousin.
  • Hih-hee: Timothy, not to be confused with ->
  • Hee-hee: Cheez-Its. This causes no end of confusion.
  • Uh-Uh: Jonah. It took us forever to figure out this was what he was saying. Sam usually does not deign to speak of his immediate predecessor.
  • Op-ih: Stop it. I was singing various selections from Oklahoma! this morning while working on work-type stuff. Sam walked into my office, sat down to play, and said, "Op-ih," very matter of factly. I stopped singing and looked at him questioningly while he played on the floor. Then, when I started singing again, I heard, "Op-ih." Everybody's a critic.
  • Nemo: any fish (including whales, dolphins and other cetaceans). May also apply to shrimp, clams, crabs, and other seafood.
  • Ee-ee-ee-ee: Tinky Winky, who is the large, purple, purse carrying ->
  • Tuh-bee-tuh-bee: Teletubbies. Which he must watch at least once per day.
  • Ah-ooh: Sparkles, our cat, or any other cat.
  • Beep-beep: car.
  • Duh: truck.
  • Choo-choo: train.
  • Eh-eh-ayd: Lemonade. Sam is not a big fan of consonants.
  • Ahn-kul: Bionicle. It has begun.
And today, while out shopping, we went to Burger King for lunch. The boys got toys, which led to our last entry: Da-da-doo, which is Dr. Doom from the Fantastic 4. Nerd 'em up.


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