Friday, July 08, 2005

Funny, but not ha-ha funny

I'm re-doing the check book in Quicken, which I do about twice a year. You see, if you don't balance your check book or enter items into Quicken with some regularity (read: at least once a month), then it's just easier to start over.

Right. Forgetful and lazy. If I were just a little more overweight, I'd qualify as a Loser Hat-Trick.

Anyway, one small joy of starting over is that you can re-evaluate the categories and their names. For instance, we support (in a ridiculously small way) the ministry of our friends, the Hannas.

But in the tiny, sans-serif font in Quicken, this looks like Hamas. And that's just unnerving. Really, it was a shock to open Quicken and see that in there. So I changed it.

So, perhaps, my involuntary, subconscious revulsion of opening Quicken will go away and I can manage to balance my checkbook more often.

But probably not.


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