Monday, June 20, 2005


Stephen and Jonah just got home from Stephen's swim team practice (they have the 7 year olds practice at 9:30 and the 5 year olds practice at 11:30, just to make life miserable on everyone). I was downstairs talking to my wife when she told Jonah to take off his swimsuit.

He took it off (and left it on the floor) and was just standing there, so my wife told him to go upstairs and get dressed.

My wife and I continued to converse for a few more minutes and then I started back up the stairs. As I was coming upstairs, I saw Jonah rummaging through the LEGO box by the window in his room, looking for a piece to complete his masterpiece. As I climbed higher, I saw that he had not yet put on any pants or underwear and was LEGOing naked, as it were.

I asked him to get dressed, and he replied, "just a minute."


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