Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cat food

Observed this evening:

We were returning from dropping off a friend, and, as usual, Sam was the last one to get out of the car and the last one to leave the garage.

As he was coming in, I heard this rustle from the gargantuan bag of cat food we keep near the door. It's Timothy's job to feed the cat every morning, and he won't go very far into the garage by himself (Timothy, not the cat), so we keep the bag right by the door.

So Sam was rustling around in there, and then he came into the kitchen carrying the cup filled with cat food. He emptied into the cat's bowl, saying, "Ah-hoo," which is his way of saying Sparkles, the cat's name.

He even put the cup back into the bag and shut the door to the garage. I beamed with pride.

Then Sam bent down, picked up a piece of cat food out of the bowl, and put it in his mouth. Ew.


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