Friday, May 20, 2005

A New Hope

The starwarsification of our home is nearly complete, as would be expected of a house full of boys being raised by a nerd.

To wit, one of Sam's new words is "lola." He first said it when he and his mother were reading news on the Internet together (he sits on her lap). She didn't recognize what he was saying until she looked at the top of the screen and saw a Star Wars ad containing a diminutive, green Jedi master. That's right, Yoda. Sam knows Yoda.

Meanwhile, Jonah's journey to the dark side is nearly complete. He said to me the other day, "One day I will have power!" I asked him about this, and he said that he would use it to rescue Sparkles (our cat) from a tree. Then he chuckled. He's also taken to calling Timothy "my master" in a deep and menacing voice.

I'll have to keep an eye on that boy.

And finally, amid all the hullabaloo of whether or not Episode 3 is any good, the boys have been devastated by the PG-13 rating, which means that they probably will not be able to go see it in the theater (Timothy might, we'll see). But yesterday, when I had just the two big at home, they asked to watch The Empire Strikes Back. That's the ORIGINAL one, on VHS, and it's their favorite Star Wars movie.

There is hope for the next generation.

Update - lunchtime
After writing the above, I came downstairs (altogether now . . . to get a Coke) and heard Stephen and Jonah watching The Empire Strikes Back. From the hallway, I could hear Jonah jumping on the couch, yelling "Get him! Get him!" I looked in just in time to see Darth Vader whacking away at Luke. Stephen started to yell, "No Luke, you can do it!" But Jonah continued, "Get him! Get him!"

The boy may need counseling.

Update - after midnight
We saw Revenge of the Sith tonight. All throughout the movie, my nerd-self and dad-self kept arguing about how much of this Timothy could handle. Everything was going fine . . . then Anakin caught on fire.

The end. Not gonna happen.

Thanks, George. I have 4 little boys who would like a word with you. Be careful, Jonah may try to crush your trachea from across the room using The Force. He's been practicing.


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