Thursday, April 07, 2005

Actual conversation

I overheard this conversation this morning while downstairs getting a Coke. There was no Coke, by the way.

Timothy: "Give it back!"

Stephen: "But I've got it!"

T: "But it's mine!"

S: "But you left it!"

T: "I just put it down!"


S: "We can share it."

T: "It's a hat, we can't both wear it."

S: "We can try!"

-pause, during which Stephen apparently gives back the hat-

S: "I don't like you!"

-pause, after which Timothy inexplicably continues trying to refute Stephen's logic and point out the error of his ways-

T: "You know, two people can't both wear a hat at the same time."

S: "I saw it on a commercial." (he says this in a singsong voice, which means he's lying)

T: "You know, commercials . . . commercials aren't true."


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