Friday, May 27, 2005

Things you never think about . . .

. . . when naming your kid.

June is the cruelest month, for us at least. My father, my sister, and my wife's father have birthdays on the 17th, 18th, and 19th, respectively. There's also Father's Day for 3 dads.

Add into this that 3 of my wife's nieces have birthdays in or about June, and it all adds up pretty quickly.

In order to save money on gifts, my wife has gotten creative. Last year she made dresses for all 3 girls. These were very warmly received, but my wife swore off sewing anything ever again.

This year she got some very nice beach towels and had a friend embroider them. Gorgeous, excellent, well done. There's one for Ava, one for Frances, and one for Charlotte. When folded and rolled, they look quite nice. With one exception.

Charlotte's name is centered in such a way that, when folded into thirds, the capital "C" gets folded around to the left and the final "te" get folded around to the right.

I think that this particular towel will be folded in half for the rest of its useful life.


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