Sunday, September 25, 2005

Brief update

We went camping this past weekend, and I may post about that.

We're going to see a Serenity early screening this upcoming Tuesday, and I'll almost certainly post about that. I got the tickets as part of a blogger "press pass". They give me tickets, I blog about the movie. Yes, I'm a word-whore, but I'm a word-whore who's getting to see Serenity before any of you, so there.

What warrants a quick update are several things:

1. I've turned off comments to this blog because of a new phenomenon, one which I'll call "Blog Comment Spam." For my last two posts, within a few minutes of publishing the post, I've received a totally unrelated comment. They're very clever, and appeal to the vanity that might be present in any other blogger: "Hey, love your post. I've got a blog about Canadian Geese Feather Art, and it can be found here," etc.

And really, once ads for Canadian Geese Feather Art appear, how long until male enhancement drugs start showing up?

That "Hey, love your blog" thing at the beginning is the kicker. I'd reckon that 50% of people getting these in their comments now are leaving them up because of that line. Luckily for me, I have no vanity left. 3 years of teaching, 3 years of doing Technical Support, 7 years of parenting, and 34 years of being me have left me with zero vanity and an iron-clad resistance to flattery.

However, I don't want that stuff there cluttering up the place, so I've disabled comments for now. If you know of another way to fix it, you probably have my email address, so send it on.

Other than that, talk amongst yourselves.

2. I'm done playing World of Warcraft. That, combined with the fact that the upcoming TV season offers absolutely nothing to interest me (it is 100% Joss-free, after all), means I'll be here more often. Not regularly, but more often.

3. And most importantly, Sam has begun using ending consonants, most notably "t" and "s". Two things make this adorable beyond bearing. First, his ending "s" is really more of a "th". And he really drags it out, so "this" becomes "dithhhhhhh". Second, he adds this ending s-which-is-actually-a-th to just about every third word, even when it is not appropriate.

I'll be on the lookout for examples.

P.S. Welcome Opus Dei. Check the archives to get up to speed.

P.P.S. The Blogger spell checker did not recognize, and tried to correct, the following words in the above post: Blogger, blog. It's not a particularly good spell checker, is it?