Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Note: This is a post that I wrote on August 11 and then, for some reason, didn't publish. I don't know why. Here it is:

I had to shave today. It's Thursday, and I hadn't had to shave since Sunday, so I had a good Grizzly Adams Jr. vibe going. Some friends came by last night to pick up one of their kids who had spent the afternoon with us, and, honestly, they looked a little intimidated.

"Has he lost his job? Did someone die? Has he *gasp* started working with UNIX?"

"No honey, he's just a little strange."

"His poor wife."

Normally, I shave every Sunday for church, and then something else will pop up during the week to cause additional shavage. But this week was barren of social activities for me. So I made it 4 days. Nice.

Today is our company picnic, so we have to drive to Birmingham. And, although these are the folks who best know what it's like to work at home, we still all pretend and dress up nice when we get together. By "dress up nice" I mean shorts with no holes, wear shoes, etc.

I hate to shave. Hate, hate, hate. It's a waste of time, money, effort, and overwhelming manliness. But my wife doesn't like facial hair, even on me, so off it comes on a regular basis.

Also, someone once remarked that I looked like Peter Jackson whenever I attempt to grow a beard. You know who you are, and you know that forgiveness will come very, very slowly.

One of the commentors from a previous posting to this site was a fellow who used to work at home, but now works in a "real" office. He said the hardest thing to get used to again was shoes. I disagree. You'd probably have to double my salary and give me keys to the company Porche to get me to shave daily.


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