Monday, January 08, 2007


The verdict is in, folks, and I have Bronchitis.

Yes, I actually went to the doctor this past Saturday, which makes for twice in less than 30 days. I don't think I've been to the doctor twice in a year since I got to middle school. A year in which I don't go to the doctor at all is a good year, and now I've already blown it for 2007.

And so, after taking the boys to Toys 'R Us Saturday morning to get the new Bionicles (LEGO released the new bad guys ONE WEEK before Christmas; I'm still composing my scathing letter to them), and after heading over to Target to pick up the Flovent & Albuterol refills that we so desperately need, I grabbed a book and headed over to my local doc in a box.

Not bad. Only one person in the waiting room when I got there. So I only waited 45 minutes, but I had a good book (Post Captain, by Patrick O'Brian) and I got to turn down the TV to reasonable levels. So it ws like a little mini-vacation.

Then it was my turn. The doctor asked a bunch of questions, listened to me breathe a bit, listened and said that I had Bronchitis. Perhaps Pneumonia, and he could order a chest x-ray if I wanted one, but the prescription would be the same.

I said thanks, that I would keep the Bronchitis and leave whatever was behind curtain #2. And that was it. Zithromax, 5 days, and lots of rest.

So I'm finally getting to read those books I got for Christmas, which makes me very happy.


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