Friday, November 24, 2006

Actual Conversation 3: Words On Thanksgiving

Okay, there were 2 of these yesterday that were true signposts pointing to the crazy world in which we live. Let's begin with Jonah.

As per 4BoyMom request, the boys were to dress yesterday in jeans and a collared shirt. This is a mullet of an outfit, and was explained to the boys as "school pants and a church shirt." Timothy and Stephen grasped this just fine, and we got out Sam's clothes for him anyway. I figured Jonah might have a little trouble, as this was a clothes-picking that was outside of any normal routine.

He did just fine, though, and brought me a pair of brown khakis.

Jonah: "Dad, can I wear these pants? They're Thanksgiving pants."

Me: "Sure, Jonah. Why are they Thanksgiving pants?"

Jonah: "Because they look like a turkey." As he says this, he's flipping them back and forth to show me the resemblance.

Me: "Go check with Mom."

Jonah walks into the bathroom where my wife is getting ready.

Jonah: "Mom, can I wear these Thanksgiving pants? They're the color of a turkey with all its feathers pulled out."

My wife, chuckling: "Sure Jonah. Those are good pants for Thanksgiving."

Jonah: "Thanks Mom."

As per 4BoyHome tradition, we spent Thanksgiving Day with my in-laws. Lots of folks were able to make it this year, and the count was 10 adults, 3 teenagers, and 10 kids. Not bad.

We left around 8 to come home, having already put the kids into their pajamas. My wife and I normally bet on how many kids will fall asleep on the way home, so it's a habit of hers to check and see who's asleep when we get off the Interstate near our house. We were in the front, Timothy and Sam sat in the middle row, and Stephen and Jonah sat in the back.

4BoyMom: [turning around] "I think they're all asleep."

Timothy: "I'm not."

4BoyMom: "Stephen, are you asleep?"

No reply.

4BoyMom: "Jonah?"

Jonah: "I'm not asleep."

Timothy: "Sam's asleep."

4BoyMom: "No he's not. His eyes are open."

Sam: "No. I'm asleep."


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