Friday, December 15, 2006

Meaningless But Interesting

I was going through some old college notebooks today, and I found some neat stuff.

Okay, a) yes, I still have my old college notebooks. I don't know why. And b) I was only going through them because I'm cleaning up my office. We're having friends over on Sunday, and we're trying to fool them into thinking we're clean, organized people.

So, at the beginning of each notebook was one of these:

It's a schedule of my classes (and work) for the quarter, and I apparently made one for each quarter.

Note the white space. I recall this as being a particularly hectic quarter. (Let me know when you're done laughing, and we'll move on.)

My wife and I had an observation about this a few years back, when people would see us looking harried with our two small children (two really is the hardest), and they would say, "Enjoy it while you can. It only gets harder."

And we would stare in disbelief. "Harder than this? How can that be?"

And then one day we sat down and looked back. Remember High School? Remember how difficult it seemed at the time? Compare that to now. Oodles of free time. College seemed harder still. Then we got married and wondered where our free time went. Then we had one kid. Then two. Oh, my.

Look at that schedule again, and have a gander at Saturday. Nothing there. A free Saturday. I haven't had a free Saturday in about 5 years.

Still, I might just keep one of those notebooks to show to the kids one day. I'll say, "Look here, I used to be pretty smart." And maybe it'll help. I remember one time finding out that my Dad had read Chaucer or something in college, lo those many years ago. And it upped him a little in my murky teenage heirarchy.


At 10:59 PM, Blogger fiorinda said...

I only recently got rid of norebooks from elementary school and middle school. Still working on high school and college. I was prone to write poetry instead of taking notes, especially in my math classes. So I hate to throw out anything without reading through it all first.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous the canadian said...

To fiorinda and the 4boyfam... YOU GET TO SEE EACH OTHER???? NO FAIR! What is THAT like? Friends, family, fun... we miss you all. We are lonely in the frozen north.

We laugh so much at your notebook. I would have things like that in mine for sure. My husband would not.

When I read about "FLYLADY" (master of the time efficient quick chores, queen of "a job somewhat well done quickly and out of the way is better than a job never completed because you need it done beautifully"), I spent an entire day making a "control journal notebook" for our home, with all the charts and diagrams you could ever imagine possible. It was beautiful. It was organized. It was geekey.

It would not have impressed Flylady.

And for all that, we still try to trick people into thinking we are clean organized people when they come to visit. We don't exactly live in the Flylady world of "a home ready to receive guests in 10 min. or less at all times," but neither are we disasterous, which is something since we are in language school while raising 4 kids.

You are sure right. 2 is the hardest. Unless it's triplets, by the 3rd you have one old enough to be on their own a bit and maybe even "help." Plus they keep each other entertained (or at least busy with squabbles or disagreements).


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