Friday, December 15, 2006


Sorry for the light posting. We went to Disney World a couple of weeks ago and then I had the flu.
"Why should this affect blogging?" you might ask. And it's a good question.

Not that I have an answer. The main problem is that when you take your kids to Disney World, you come back with thousands of stories. Good ones, like:

  • Timothy and Stephen like roller coasters, except the inside ones, which Stephen doesn't like. Jonah does not like roller coasters at all, which means it is a good thing we tried him out on the little Goofy one instead of Space Mountain as was originally planned.
  • When Jonah says he has to go to the potty (#2, FYI), he usually means he has to go. Unless . . . it is 8:00 PM, he's been walking all day, and he's already sat on the potty 3 times in the past 20 minutes and nothing has come out. At that point, the next time he tells you he has to go, he probably doesn't. Probably.
  • Timothy got the flu on the first day. This could have been bad, but a) he responds well to Motrin, and b) Disney has free Children's Motrin in their first aid stations.
  • If your parents are nice enough to take you to Disney World, you should let them ride the roller coasters first. Sorry Dad; sorry Mom.
  • Fast Pass is awesome, except when you don't use it. Then you stand in line for a very, very long time.
  • Jonah loves Tigger, and apparently believes that the characters are real. He said "See you tomorrow" several times to characters in the parks. Sweet boy.
  • Stephen's love for Donald Duck continues unabated, even though he tries to hide it. He also loves Pooh.
  • Timothy's not a fan of the characters anymore, but he really loves the roller coasters. This is going to be a fun time.
The problem with coming back from Disney World is that all these stories should get told. But I caught Timothy's flu and was out of commission for a week. So then I had all these Disney stories backed up, and new stuff kept happening. But you can't blog about Christmas decorations or shows or Sam's new facial expression when DISNEY WORLD STORIES have yet to be told.

So I'm working on it. Sorry.


At 9:45 AM, Anonymous the canadian said...

4boydadisms and Disney combined! Wow. Our family waits with great anticipation.


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