Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jonah's Wardrobe

That's a misleading title. I'm talking about the clothes Jonah wears, not the place he stores his clothes.

But he does have a wardrobe-like storage thingy, more like an armoire, according to my wife. It was built by her father and is plain but very well built, especially considering that Jonah literally climbs inside twice a day to get clothes. I'll sometimes peek into his room looking for him and see pants or socks come rocketing out of the armoire doors to hit the far wall. He's got a good arm.

Anyway, what Jonah wears. Well, like the other boys, he pretty much wears whatever he wants to. Timothy is pretty good (for a guy) at picking out outfits that match. Think young urban professional just out of law school. Stephen is a little worse, along the lines of a college sophomore who doesn't live near a laudromat or a Gap.

Jonah is the guy Weird Al imitates.

Striped shirt and camouflage shorts. All red outfits, with each piece a glaringly different shade. Orange and red. My wife and I wait breathless at the bottom of the stairs most mornings to see what he's put together. His most consistent pattern is red socks. He is now on his second year of wearing only red socks.

One of these days someone will say something to him, and he'll have enough self-awareness to feel embarrassed about it. Then he'll stop, and a little piece of his Jonah-ness will be lost, and I'll probably cry. But until then I'm taking pictures and giving big hugs. Because what 5 year old needs to be concerned with what he's wearing? No sweatpants or pants with holes to school, that's my only concern.

One last thing. Jonah has this black, long-sleeve shirt with a skeleton embroidered on it. It's his Halloween Shirt, and he loves it. He wore it to school back-to-back on October 30th and 31st.

And then he wore it to school yesterday, November 28.


At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Fiorinda said...

Our oldest child, who happens to be the same age as Jonah, will only wear the color blue. Some days I convince him to wear other colors(usually when its time to do laundry), but he gets to choose the next day. If he had his way he would wear his "I'm a big brother" shirt every day. Fortunately he hasn't realized that there is such a thing as blue socks, so he wears white. Aren't they fun.


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