Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We close next Monday on both houses, selling at 11 and buying at 3. Two different attorneys, with two different firms, both in the same building here in Tucker. We like to keep our lawyers packed in tight, where we can watch 'em closely.

We move boxes next Tuesday, loading them into the back of the van and (hopefully) a pickup truck, and then driving them downhill and 150 yards or so down the street (I measured it on Google maps, yes I did).

We move more boxes next Wednesday morning, hopefully clearing them all out before we move furniture that evening. The goal is to get out of the way everything that can be handled by a weakling and his wife, and then have over some burly men (who will work for pizza) to move the rest.

Until then, we pack. Our artsy neighbor had redone just about every room in the house, and had brought over lots and lots of things to help: vases, mirrors, wall art, etc. All of that has been returned. Books are done, using up all of the boxes my parents gave us, all of the ones my wife's sister gave us, and even some we got from the wife of our new RUF campus minister. Our own wall hangings are packed, using the remaining boxes and leaving lots of little picture hooks on the wall that catch in my peripheral vision and get interpreted as a cockroach invasion. Next comes the kitchen. After that, who knows?

Sunday night, as we were packing one of the last of our existing freebie boxes, our next-door neighbor began taking stacks of broken-down moving boxes to the curb. He's got a new job in West Virginia, and they're moving next month (3/2 ranch in nice neighborhood, possible rental!) and his new company is providing moving services. So they were throwing out all their reserved boxes from the last move. We asked politely and got them all. God provides, even boxes.

A story or two, to liven things up a bit? Okay.

After we move, we're getting rid of cable (actually, we're getting rid of Dish Network, which we've had for 4 pleasant years now; excellent customer service). Our one-sentence explanation of why were moving has been "so that we can turn off the TV." We haven't broken the news to the boys yet, but we have been training them by turning off the TV in the afternoons and on weekends. This past Saturday was the first full Saturday of TV-less-ness.

By 11 AM Timothy, Stephen, and Jonah had been banned from the computer for the rest of the day.

Stephen and Jonah received their bans for rather pedestrian fighting. Timothy's ban was for being a little too cunning. He and Stephen had been playing an online Bionicle game all morning and not letting Jonah play. When the biggest two left the computer to play with their Game Boys on the couch, Jonah leapt (leaped?) at the chance (and the computer) and started his own game. Timothy complained loudly that Jonah had restarted the game (thereby losing Timothy's place in the game). Jonah played on, secure in his place as the occupier of the computer seat.

As Jonah played the game, he progressed further (farther?) than ever before and asked Timothy for guidance. Timothy guided him . . . into a hole that ended the game. Jonah, quick on the uptake, realized the betrayal and pitched a Jonah Fit (emotions are new and strong in a 5 year old). Jonah was calmed and reminded that the volume and intensity of his fit were inappropriate. Timothy was banned from video games for the rest of the day.

About 30 minutes later Stephen and Jonah got into a shouting and slapping match over a Power Ranger game and received their bans from the computer. Sam had a thoroughly enjoyable time playing Miffy games for the rest of the day.

Ok. Just one story. I have to pack.


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