Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Love That House!

In keeping with the recent list theme, and in accordance with the impending move, I've decided to launch a feel-good meme. I fully expect that, like all such minor-league blog launched innovation, this particulare meme will drop like a lead BB in the vast ocean of the Internet. But, it's fun.

So . . .

List 5 things you like most about your house. (Very exciting, I know, but it's on my mind.)

Old house:
  1. History - Sam was born while we lived here. Timothy and Stephen started school while we lived here and learned to ride a bike in the dead end out front. A million other things that make up a rich life happened in this house.
  2. Shade - We have a huge oak tree on the south-facing side of the house, along with several other, taller trees across the street. Our air conditioner stays on 76 during the day, and still doesn't come on until about 3 PM. Nice.
  3. Light - Despite the fact that the house faces south, and that most of the windows therefore face north and south, we do have a few windows that face east (to catch the rising sun) and west (to catch it setting). Those rooms that do have east/west windows are my favorite.
  4. The Dead End - In front of our house is about a hundred feet or so of two lane road that services only our driveway. It's flat, pretty well kept up, and the only time there are cars on it is when someone is coming to visit. The kids ride bikes there, play tag, soccer, & football; it's been the site of block parties for years on end; it's shady; it's all ours. And parking, wow. Despite the fact that our kids don't drive (yet), we do occasionally have large family gatherings and parties with friends. Here in the dead end, we have "anyone can leave anytime" parking for 9-10 cars. If we really pack them in, we could easily handle 20 or more. The new house has ACLA parking for 4 cars and packs in 6.
  5. Dry - This house is on a hill, and the nearest creek is several hundred feet away and dozens of feet down. If this house ever floods, gopher wood will be involved. The new house, while not technically in a flood plane, does have a creek running through the back yard.
Now, because I'm moving (and because it's my blog), I get to list my 5 favorite things about the new house.
  1. The Office - This is why we're moving. There's a 400 square foot office above the garage in the new house that shares zero walls, hallways, doors, etc. with any other room in the house. And it has its own HVAC. And two windows. Since I'm out of the way, the boys can run around and be boys in their own house; my wife can relax and not have to ride herd on them all day; everyone will be happy. Probably.
  2. Light - The new house faces east, and my bedroom, the living room, and my office all catch the morning sunrise. Very nice. The kitchen and dining room (and my office) catch the evening sunset. My own little Palace of Light.
  3. The Creek - There's a creek in the backyard, leading into a forest. Boy heaven.
  4. The Tub - There's a jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom. Our existing house has one tub, the new house has three. I like baths.
  5. Trees - Lots of new trees, including a couple of Japanese Maples and some of the largest, oldest River Birches I have ever seen. (And the lawn is tiny.)
What makes a list a meme? Passing it along. Specifically:
My Wife, 'cause she's awesome
Splitcat & Fiorinda, who live in the same house (they're married, so it's all on the up & up)
Dignan and posse
Both Mom and Dad, cause . . . you know
My sister, who just moved to her first house (and probably needs reminding that the moneyhole called home ownership is still much, much better than an apartement.)

But anyone else is welcome to leave a comment. Enjoy.


At 4:38 PM, Blogger 4BoyDad said...

4boymom: hmmmmm,
Old house:
1.Old 70s tile in all the bathrooms; you can't buy that stuff anymore.
2."My room" with the semi-new furniture that I can order the children out of (comfy napping sofa).
3.Can look outside to see if other kids are already out playing.
4.New fixtures that I picked out in master bathroom.
5.Cable TV so I can watch VH1 and CMT when the kids aren't around (we will lose this due to cost-cutting measures in the new house).
New house:
1.A whole new house to arrange and decorate.
2.No stipled ceilings and crown molding (at least downstairs).
3.Scott in a different part of the house so the boys can have room-time.
4.A screened-in porch to sit on and drink coffee in the mornings (I can dream, can't I?).
5.A huge gardenia plant that overflows with flowers, two big camellia bushes, big hydrangeas, etc., etc.

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous kwade said...

So... "your neighbors" didn't make the list? Nice.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger 4BoyDad said...

Sure you are. You're covered by the blanket "anyone else is welcome to leave a comment" clause. Or did you want this to turn into a list-of-everyone-who-loves-me, Oscar speech?

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Becki said...

We've lived in our "new" house for 12 years almost, but I still love it for the following reasons:
1. It's much bigger than our "old" house. You could probably put 2 1/2 "old" houses into the "new" one. Space DOES make a difference.
2. The garage. There is nothing like stepping out into the garage on a cold morning and NOT having to scrape ice off my windshield before I back my car out of the driveway. And the car is much warmer (cooler) than when it's sitting out all night uncovered. And there's nothing like having to run through a blinding rain storm in heels and hose and have mud and yuck schlept all over your legs trying to get either to the car or from the car to the house. Let's hear it for garages.
3. The basement. The reason we could never use the garage at our "old" house was because Dad was using it as a basement! It's just so nice to have somewhere to put all that STUFF!
4. Cumming. Cumming is quiet, rural, homey. And the people are/were very friendly. Dad and I were in shock the first time we went to the grocery store in Cumming and people actually spoke to us - lots of them! It took us a while to slow down to Cumming's pace and we like it.
5. Everybody has a place to sleep when they come home now. We have plenty of room for grandchildren to sleep, plenty of room for them to play. And a little room left over for their parents, too.



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