Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sam's Cousin Aaron

Sam (4) has 3 friends: Anna, Marcus, and Aaron, who is Sam's cousin.

That's how Sam says it, every time: "My friends Anna, Marcus, and Aaron, who is my cousin."  Outside of this little mantra, Aaron is referred to exclusively as "my cousin Aaron."

Sam loves Aaron.  If we even breathe the word "Macon," Sam is right there, wanting to know when we're going, if he's going too, will he get to see Aaron, will he get to spend the night, etc.

And if we do make plans to go to Macon, we cannot change them.  Because Sam never forgets.  Let me stress that.  Sam NEVER forgets.

Aaron is a mania.  Going to see Aaron.  Aaron coming over.  Going to Memaw's house together with Aaron.  We're going to Disney World in a few weeks, and the biggest draw is not The Mouse, not the rides, nothing about the destination itself.  It's that Aaron is going too.

How bad is this problem?  It's difficult to say.  Our friend Erin may be coming over today, and Sam is excited.  We can't seem to convince him that our Erin is not his Aaron.  

And if I say that I'm going to run some errands, Sam is right there, eyes big and pleading, wanting to go too.  His disappointment is plain when we end up at the hardware store.  Even playing with power tools doesn't help.


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