Thursday, June 14, 2007

En Espanol.

In the car.

Timothy (9): My name in Spanish is Tim-o-te-o.

Jonah (6): You have a different name in Spanish?  That's cool!

Stephen (7): What's my name in Spanish?

Me (35): Esteban.

Stephen: Huh?

Me: Es-te-ban.

Stephen: Wow.  Coooool.

Sam (3): What's my name in Spanish?

Me: Diego

My wife (29ish): That's James.

Me: No it's not.  Diego is Samuel.  It's also German for  . . .

My wife: Stop right there.  And you're wrong.  It's James.

Me: I'm so totally looking that up when I get home.  What did you take?  4 years of French . . .

Various boys: French? Awesome! Say something in French! That's so cool! What's my name in French?

My wife, calmly: Go ahead and look it up.  It's James.

Jonah: What's my name in Spanish?

Me: Um, . . . Chonah.

My wife: Yonah.

Jonah: That's it?  Spanish is a horrible language.

Me: Nice work.  You've got a Tancredo supporter back there.

My wife laughed.


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