Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Forgot About This One

From memory, with apologies where they apply.

Me: So how did Jonah's last day of Kindergarten go?

My Wife: Pretty well.  But there was a problem at lunch.

Me: Really?  What happened?

My Wife: Well, they went outside to have a picnic, and they were all playing around near the trees.  Then they found a praying mantis . . .

Me (interrupting): Wow!  That's great.  Jonah loves praying mantises [he really does.  He makes them out of LEGO's, he draws them, he looks through the yard for them, etc.].

My Wife: . . . and then [name withheld] killed it.

Me: What!?!

My Wife: With a stick.  While Jonah was standing there.

Me: That kid's a [expletive].

My Wife: He killed the whole nest.  Jonah cried quite a bit ['tis true.  I've got pictures].

Me: Did Jonah recover? 

My Wife: Not while we were outside.  But once we went back in, he got better.

Me:  So that's why he asked if we could go to the zoo to see a praying mantis?

My Wife: Probably.  We can't have one in the house.

Me: You're preaching to the choir.  I don't like their bug books, even if they're turned over.  He's got a gentle spirit.

My Wife: Who? Jonah?  Yes.  Yes he does.


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