Monday, February 07, 2005

Night Time

Jonah has some sort of cold, and his coughing woke me up early this morning. As I went to go get him some cough medicine, I looked at the clock.

Something about waking up at 2:56 in the morning always makes me wonder if I'm still asleep, and if I'm just dreaming that I'm awake. I have the same problem at 3:14, which I guess makes me a nerd. (If you know why, that makes you a nerd too, so just watch it.)

Usually, this waking/dreaming confustion means that I have to pinch myself as I'm walking, hopefully to wake myself up if I am indeed dreaming, and therefore avoid whatever is big and pointy and is about to jump out at me.

Which I guess makes me a wuss, but I should also probably stop watching so many shows with big, pointy things that jump out at people at night.


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