Monday, February 07, 2005

Only five?

I am walking downstairs for lunch when my wife opens the pantry to give Sam some crackers. Of course, Stephen and Jonah come scooting over, like cats to a can opener.

As soon as Sam sees Jonah, he starts pushing his older brother out of the way with one hand, and points with his other one at the pack of crackers that his mother is desperately trying to open. Sam and Jonah start a screeching match at each other, convinced that a pack of Publix knock-off Ritz crackers is a zero-sum game. Kids.

She gets the pack open, hands a few to Sam, then Jonah, then Stephen. Sam and Stephen walk away happily, but Jonah starts counting his. Then he shouts, and I quote, "Only five?!? I wanted four!"

Welcome to Jonahland.

Now, the teacher in me wants to explain that 5 is more than 4, so having 5 is a good thing. And honestly, I probably did explain stuff like this when we just had one.

But we've visited Jonahland before, so thinking quickly I say, "Okay, sorry. Why don't you give me one of those?"

He hands a cracker over to me with glee and then walks away, chuckling, "Heh-heh, four crackers."


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