Thursday, January 06, 2005

Is it too early to sell out?

How sweet is this: a confluence of some of my favorite things, free stuff, Hugh Hewitt, movies, and blogs. I saw the trailer for this new movie, "In Good Company," a few weeks ago on Apple's QuickTime trailers site. I check there about once a month, because, honestly, most trailers are better than the movies they advertize.

Someone recently said that, whereas older generations lived in the golden ages of radio, television, movies, etc., we are living in the golden age of commercials. 'Tis true, especially with movie trailers. (If you don't believe me, remember the first trailer for Star Wars Episode 1? Remember the shivers you got? Now remember how crappy it turned out to be? Even T will only watch the race and Dance of the Fates.)

Anyway, this looked like a good movie (I even sent a link to my wife, the lovely 4boymom). We're stoked to go see it, and may even use up one of our 2-3 movie nights this year (that's how many you get when you have 4 kids, by the way) to go see it. So, quite a commitment on our part, eh? Anyway, good trailer, movie looks good, etc.

Now, Hugh Hewitt posts that we can get free tickets simply by blogging about the movie and posting a link to the trailer. Not bad. Then you just have to blog about it afterwards. Good deal, will do.

The assumption is that I can be honest about how I feel, which is even better. What can they do if I don't like it and say so, take the 2 hours back? I wish! If so, I can name about 15 movies which I'd like to un-see, plus several full seasons of ER. What a waste.

Where were we? Ah, yes; honesty. So, if I get free tickets, the Mrs. and I will go see the movie and I will come back here and write about it. If we don't get free tickets, my life will be ruined and I'll never go see another movie at the theater again. At least until "The Incredibles" comes to the $1 place up the street. The Bigs and I are planning on seeing it again (The Bigs are T and S1 for those of you who don't have nicknames for various combinations of your children; another topic for another day).

Of course, the big problem is if I win the full private screening. Sadly, I would have a hard time filling a theater. I work at home folks, for a company whose employees number in the single-digits. Plus, they all work in another state. I'd be embarassed to ask my Sunday school class, and that's my whole non-family social sphere right there. So pathetic. At least my father-in-law would come. He really likes movies.

So, in conclusion . . . uh. "In Good Company", looks like a good movie, would like to have free tickets, lots of kids, can't fill a theater even so.

Okay. I don't really have a conclusion. So I'll stop writing now.

Update: well, they responded, and it looks like we may get to go. Now I have to find a babysitter. Hey! Look, is that a gift horse? I wonder what his mouth looks like?

Note to people considering ever having children: do not move away from your family; you will need to use them for various services like babysitting. It also helps to stay on good terms with them. Don't name your kids after people they hate, for example. And don't name your pets after them or other relatives.

Also note: they'll probably use you for similar stuff, but it's worth it not to hand over$50 (and your 4 "retirement plans") to some pre-teen Britney wanna-be that you just met yesterday. Shudder.


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