Thursday, October 21, 2004

Flashback . . . doubletake

I'm blitzing down the road, windows open, listening to Led Zeppelin and eating Krystal. Ahhhh, the pleasure of it all.

I'm eating Krystal because today I'm pulling carpool duty and I don't have time to eat lunch at home before I have to go back to work. My wife can't drive for carpool because she's got the 3-year old preschool co-op kids today. This happens every Thursday with the location rotating through all the members. This week is our week, so I have six 3-year olds running around downstairs while I've been working on documents this morning.

I'm listening to Led Zeppelin because I hate the commercials on AM radio. Love Hugh; love Dave Ramsey; love Laura; hate the commercials. So with two quick presses of the button, I've got Zeppelin. Two more quick presses, and I've got Laura Ingraham back. Life is good, if a little nerdy.

I'm blitzing down the road because I'm late to pick up my first charge. Waiting in the line at Krystal took too much time, and some little boy is standing outside his house, wondering where his ride is.

I've got the windows open because it's a beautiful fall day, and the air feels good. Some things never change.


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